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Waiting on an announcement from El Salvador. He said it’s good news.

My guess, those Chinese miners that shut off yesterday will be going to El Salvador.

Paraguay looks to follow El Salvador’s lead, will present a bill next month!

Slowly, then all at once.

Over 2,000 new lightning nodes in the past couple months. Bullish AF.

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- #Bitcoin is a solid WHY that boosts daily motivation
- Pure history in the making & continuously changing
- we can build without previous working paradigms
- Btc is a multi-disciplinary creature: impossible to master all of its parts & get bored
- Incredible people to work with
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I was one of those people who switched jobs/careers every year because I just got so bored & uninspired.

I’ve been working in #Bitcoin for …

Apologies to who ever I sniped this from, I don’t recall your username.

2516 sats per dollar.

I still can't believe people actually accept dollars for sats.

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Any mathematicians out there that can calculate sat/sq foot parity?

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RT @taproot_signal

With block 687284 signalling for taproot, there are 1815 signalling blocks in the currency difficulty period.

Taproot will activate in block 709632, somewhere in November 2021.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

See you all at @anyprevout.


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Approximately 5 hours.
Please, nobody do anything stupid.
Just keep going like this.
I need to celebrate today 🍹

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New York's anti-bitcoin mining bill has failed to pass, and is now officialy dead in the legislature!

A win for renewable energy, electrical workers union and #Bitcoin


At this point we would have to loose 2/3 of signaling hash rate for lock in to fail.

Mining with volcanoes.

We really have no idea how disruptive this tech is.


Looks as though we are going to lock this period.

This is good for Bitcoin.

Spend 3 BTC anywhere inside of El Salvador and gain permanent citizenship.
This is how you grow your country and strip power from those who treat their citizens badly.

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