Is no one has figured it out yet Musk is buying bird site to train his AI.

With the sanctions on open source software Tornado Cash it’s apparent they are trying to establish a precedent. They are coming for Bitcoin. GitHub had pulled the repo for Tornado Cash but later reinstated it. Now is a good time to mirror the Bitcoin repo and the myriad of wallets and node software. You can do this with a program called Gitea. My guess is they will look to ban mining, white wash GitHub and arrest developers all under the guise of climate change and financial instability of fiat.

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For only $200.11 you can buy 1m Sats.
Unfairly cheap.

Someone really wants to suppress the price under 18,300.
184 Bitcoin sell wall

Not financial advise and all that but Bitcoin is stupid cheap right now.

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I wrote several guides about LN nodes.
Here is one about how to restore a dead LND node into another machine, using 6 scenarios:

Here is another guide for those who want to start a new node

Is not really necessary to run a full desktop node , you can run also a private mobile LN node

Just had another awe struck moment.
The amount of apps stuffed into a roll your own node software is insane.
Can now easily buy and buy Bitcoin using decentralized non KYC exchanges right from your nodes App Store.
How far this software has come is awe inspiring and it just keeps accelerating.
This is why Bitcoin will win. Complete and total control of everything from coding to funding right from a node.

Bitcoin uses energy to provide financial security. Those who are against proof of work are against financial security. Those who want to ban proof of work are the same folks who bring you massive inflation.

There’s never a time where you can’t find enough Bitcoin things to do.
-Updating node firmware
-channel maintenance
-Mirroring important GitHub repositories
-update node again because first one failed.
-move some sats around because no one can stop you.

83,921 zombie nodes on the lightning network.
Those are some roomie numbers.

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Ever worry that they will shut down the Bitcoin GitHub page?
Mirror it easily using Gitea.
You’ll always have access to the latest repo and if shit hits the fan it’s another source that can be redistributed.

Control the money, control the world. Just wait until you see what they will do with CBDCs. Bitcoin puts a stop to this.

Does anyone remember that nice old Fraudchi fellow?
Seems to have gone missing. Maybe he’s counting all his money.

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