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I feel like this goes without saying but....

***Don't buy hosted miners that aren't going to come online basically immediately in any circumstance***


Miners hosted by someone else do not make the bitcoin network any more decentralized.

Not your miner, not your hashrate.

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Several of my friends are literally on the run from state tyranny, that took away their freedom of movement and made vaccination compulsory under threat of massive fines and jail.

They had to leave their home country, their family, their friends.

This is reality now.

From Black Friday sales to Christmas Clearance sales sats are insanely cheap right now.
Unbelievable that the Bitcoin CFO can unleash such madness.

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Double good news: 1) ain’t gonna lose my job any time soon due to King’s mandate and 2) Bitcoin just went on sale.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Anyone know how long we’re extending this Black Friday sale?

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Sealed FDA documents to be released 500 pages a month due to court order.
Bombshell 🚨

As ordered by the courts the FDA must release the data it based it's EUA for the Pfizer shot.

The FDA requested the courts to keep this information confidential for no oess than 55 YEARS!!

The court returned with an order to release 500 documents a month.

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Michael @saylor explains #Bitcoin on Tucker Carlson. Simply the best explanation and interview by Michael Saylor on Bitcoin EVER!


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Free speech is really fucking important
Freedom of movement is really fucking important
Bodily autonomy is really fucking important

If a parliament sits down to vote on removing any of these inalienable rights (over a virus with 99.9% survival rate even), that is totalitarianism

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There’s a reason #Dorsey is out. He was playing to a different tune that did not fit the narrative set out by those calling the shots. #Twitter is legit over. There is no going back, it will never be what it once was. This is not a drill.

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"this has jumped the shark on absurdity and is well into shrill, self aggrandizing posterior covering and emotional melt down.

it all falls apart for them from here.

they’re cornered.

do NOT let them out."


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Do you agree that accounts who (only) #crosspost from #Twitter to #Mastodon should be marked as bot?

If you don’t have Bitcoin buy some.
If you don’t hold your own keys, learn how to
If you don’t run your own node, start one
If you don’t run Lightning, start opening channels
If you don’t have non KYC coins, get some

Bitcoin is a journey and at times overwhelming. Take small steps but keep moving.

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Gentle reminder, with the influx of users remember that many will not be who they claim to be.
Don’t trust, verify.

Less than 1.3m BTC left in exchanges. The world around you is figuring it out.

It’s occurred to me that Saylor has enough Bitcoin to give all of BT about 4 each.
We are not stacking hard enough.

I stack two sats in the morning.
I stack two sats at night.
I stack two sats in the afternoon, it make me feel alright.
I stack two sats in times of peace, and two in time of war.
I stack two sats before I stack two sats and then I stack two more.

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