No one is ready for NGU. Yes I’m looking at you.

Trying this Nostr thing.


When the inevitable occurs will shitcoin casinos drop all shitcoins at once or will they do it one by one?

How many more times do we need to tell you, get your Bitcoin off exchanges.
If you control your keys the exchanges can’t exit scam you. It also makes it harder for them to rehypothicate (take risks with your Bitcoin). History always repeats for those who do not follow these warnings.

“I have to show them all these important papers you told me to keep safe? Then they take my money and hold it but they charge me monthly? They charge me again if I go below the amount they keep? I’m only allowed to take less than $500 per day if I’m outside of 7-4 M-F. All this for a measly .01% and the ability to write a check for the 2 times a year needed.” -soon to be everyone at the thoughts of a new bank account

Upgraded network, again. Had quite a few issues with ports dying. Equipment with a name that uses the acronym for toilet paper one should expect this outcome. Now to find out why my WiFi speeds are 3x my wired speeds.

Everything there is, and everything there ever will be divided by 21 million.

Europe wants to ban proof of work mining and yet are for proof of stake mining. Wonder why?
Proof of stake they get to remain in control. Proof of work can’t be captured and they loose the highest form of control they never should have been allowed to have in the first place.

Is your Umbrel node stuck booting after the latest update to 5.1? Just run the following command to remove the update in progress file. It helps having internet access after the sudo reboot part. 😜

rm -f ~/umbrel/statuses/update-in-progress && sudo reboot

Is no one has figured it out yet Musk is buying bird site to train his AI.

With the sanctions on open source software Tornado Cash it’s apparent they are trying to establish a precedent. They are coming for Bitcoin. GitHub had pulled the repo for Tornado Cash but later reinstated it. Now is a good time to mirror the Bitcoin repo and the myriad of wallets and node software. You can do this with a program called Gitea. My guess is they will look to ban mining, white wash GitHub and arrest developers all under the guise of climate change and financial instability of fiat.

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For only $200.11 you can buy 1m Sats.
Unfairly cheap.

Someone really wants to suppress the price under 18,300.
184 Bitcoin sell wall

Not financial advise and all that but Bitcoin is stupid cheap right now.

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I wrote several guides about LN nodes.
Here is one about how to restore a dead LND node into another machine, using 6 scenarios:

Here is another guide for those who want to start a new node

Is not really necessary to run a full desktop node , you can run also a private mobile LN node

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