@captainmorgan Node is up and fully synced. I’ll be adding some Satoshis and opening a channel in the new few days. Waiting for fees to drop a bit.


Sounds good! Thanks

Let me know and I’ll try to match your channel back to you as well

@captainmorgan Attempting to open a channel, getting an error "Unable to connect to peer, socks connect tcp".
I have one other channel pending.


HEH. That’s weird. Let me dig and try to figure why it’s not working. Thanks for letting me know!

@captainmorgan could very well be me. New to lightning that isn’t custodial.


Likewise. Think this one was me though - my lightning wallet may have been syncing after finishing the blockchain download. Try again if you want :D


@captainmorgan same error messages. I’ll give another try later on.


Works for me. If you find any issues that may be on my part, lemme know :D

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