If your looking for actual bitcoiners who aren't just cross posting from bird site give these folks a follow.
These are some of my favorite follows. (no particular order)

Have I missed any please let me know.


@NormieNorm Good place to start, 2,100 sats. Then go for 21,000,000 sats working your way up.

@S4m0ht Good. Been meaning to put this list together for a while now. Finally just did it.

@Full_node Me. I completely deleted my birdsite account, so no cross-twatting here!

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @Full_node
I really should do that, but my original purpose for Twitter was marketing, and I do have some 500+ followers so I'm going to keep it at least for that purpose... guilty, I've been using it for fun so far :)

@nicebit Was getting annoyed with all the cross posters lately. Comment on their toot and get nothing back. This isn't why any of us are here.

Might have to start an unfollow list as well.

Yeah, that's annoying. Even more annoying is a message that ends with a "thread 1/9", you open it and there's no thread :)

@nicebit I haven't come across this yet but can see how maddening that would be. Another issue is a link to the tweet and it comes up unavailable.

@Bubba Boomers still welcome. Consider it my fault for having a bad memory and not adding you to the list yet.

@Bubba Understood where you were coming from and added you to the list regardless.

@CalebCarr Welcome aboard fellow maximalist, I’ll shoot you a follow.

@CalebCarr Just a little house keeping after the massive influx and slow drawdown from the censorship on bird site. Finding out who’s actually here, who is just dumping crossposts. Not that any of them are bad, it just won’t help to grow the platform is no one is responding to responses to their posts. All those listed I’ve been interacting with and or have seen them about for a while. Glad you found this list helpful. I intend to build upon it.

@Full_node Yep, I’m not logging on to twitter any r Facebook ever again. This little experiment has been such high signal to noise its great. No more scammers and woke to deal with either.

@CalebCarr The conversation here has been great. Thought provoking and detailed yet a differing opinion isn’t met with an FU or other vicious name calling. Guess the smartest of the group not only knew enough to leave but also brings with them great reading comprehension skills.
Have had meaning full conversations last all day. Have read others that explored vastly differing opinions in which both sides left reconsidering their positions and remained friendly the entire time. 1/2

@CalebCarr I think the scammers will avoid this place for a while. People here are too intelligent even if some are newer to the space.
What I love most about planting a flag here is that we have much more control. No centralized entity can say you no longer have a voice because it doesn’t agree with their agenda. 2/2

@Full_node Thanks for the shout out fellow Bitcoiner.

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