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Idaho Governor signs executive order banning vaccine passports

@NunyaBidness More of this!
Utah ✅
Florida ✅
Texas ✅
Idaho ✅

We don’t need all the states to do this, just enough that it thwarts those that do want passports to back TF off.

@Full_node @NunyaBidness Good news for Americans is that they have some places to move to unlike us Canadians.

@verretor @NunyaBidness May just have to exit Canada. If enough people begin to move to where they are treated well they will have to back off. I know this isn’t feasible for most but it’s an option and a strong one. Hacking the passport is an option but it’s still bending a knee.

@Full_node @NunyaBidness May JUST have to exit Canada. Like I can JUST move to another country. I'd be gone if I could.


@verretor @NunyaBidness The shackles are your own. If the need arises you will do it. I say "just" but agree its not easy to just leave your home/family/etc.

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@verretor @NunyaBidness Two methods I can think of.
1. Not legally, leave asking no ones permission. A risky last resort.
2. duel citizenship, or renouncing your current citizenship using a service like planbpassport.com. Its not cheap and its certainly not a quick method. Not sure if Canada allows duel citizenship but again, were asking permission here.

@Full_node @NunyaBidness I can still leave but I can't stay in any country for more than a few months. Then, I have to be able to survive in that country.

@verretor @NunyaBidness Just planting seeds of thought. There are options, some permanent some temporary.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness
- Malta
- Portugal
Are two residency off the top of my head that are relatively cheap to get for foreigners.
There's others, far out, like Valuatu.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness
Prove you can sustain yourself and your family. Typically 12K/year or around. A proof of rental place for Malta of a minimum of 8k or 10k.
For Portugal, it's lower a bit from what I recall.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness

Learn Spanish, buy a Biden t-shirt, "Vacation" in Tijuana, bum rush the border, apply for a drivers license (in some states they are giving them out now to "undocumented citizens"). *slaps hands*

@georgevaccaro @Full_node @NunyaBidness I already speak Spanish. I thought you also had to join ISIS though.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness I'm looking into applying for permanent residency status in Mexico. The requirements are financial, presently being able to demonstrate that you have 20,000 days equivalent of the minimum wage in Mexico via bank statements going back 12 months (at present that's about $120k USD). There is no "physical presence" test required to maintain the residency; under current Mexican law, once you have it, you have it. You can apply without even visiting the country.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness Correction: I'm looking at the documentation requirements on the website of the Seattle Mexican consulate, they're asking for six months of bank/brokerage statements, not 12. Game. On.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness Not necessarily! In my case I can show them brokerage and life insurance statements to meet the minimum. My actual bank statements would never work because I keep all of $30 in the legacy banking system (I stay 100% invested all the time). If needed, I could show statements from BTC custodian accounts I have (doubt I could prove the value of my self-custody cold hodl, lol).

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @verretor @NunyaBidness $30 left in an account! Are you mad? That's way too risky for my appetite. 😜

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness You could get a crypto sophisticated lawyer to look at an XPUB and then write an affidavit saying you have over $200k (or whatever) in assets. Then get that apostled.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @CalebCarr @verretor @NunyaBidness XPUB is a master public key generated by each wallet. With this key you can generate every single receiving address the wallet is capable of creating (all 2 billion of them). It's good for services that you want a new address for each transaction however its best to keep this private. Anyone with your XPUB can't steal your funds but they will know your entire BTC balance by checking one address.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @CalebCarr @verretor @NunyaBidness Or, your Peter Mccormack, top Bitcoin podcaster in Europe and have no idea what a very basic wallet feature is.

@Full_node @CalebCarr @verretor @NunyaBidness Curses, you've found me! 😋

Ok, I've just never heard the term before, but I realize what it is now. My sometimes lawyer could possibly help me with this, his specialty is contract law.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @CalebCarr @verretor @NunyaBidness Its one of those badly named wallet features. Not sure what a better name would be.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 @Full_node @verretor @NunyaBidness I think if you explain it to your lawyer he will get it. The biggest question is if the consulate will take a lawyers swirn testimony. That I don’t know. And these situations seem to be up to a lot of bureaucratic randomness.

@CalebCarr @Full_node @verretor @NunyaBidness I meet their current standards without it, but I think it would be worthwhile to pay my lawyer to set this up for me. Even if they choose not to count it, it would at least show the consular officer that I have far more resources at my disposal than they're looking for, and it would contribute a little more toward normalizing Bitcoin in day-to-day life.

@Full_node @Aurelius_17_6_313 @verretor @NunyaBidness Not precisely correct, or xpub isn’t what I mean. In a wallets you can create accounts, and you can use the xpub of a sub account. And the reason I mentioned a lawyer is client confidentiality and a lawyer will sign an NDA... and you dan fo it where lawyer never has xpub.

@Full_node @Aurelius_17_6_313 @verretor @NunyaBidness EG: show up at lawyers office. Show them the balance with xpub on your hardware but don’t actually give them the xpub.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness St Lucia Citizenship is ~$120,000. To get a residency Visa in Panama, just start a business (at least that’s what it was). Yeah, NZ is absurd with their requirements.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness there are several countries where citizenship is available in exchange for cash.

@verretor @drgo @NunyaBidness The few that I know of
St. Lucia - 100k
Antigua - Barmuda 140k
Malta - 800k
If you have ancestry in some countries then those numbers are under 2k.

@verretor @Full_node @NunyaBidness tyranny is a big a business. That’s why little pockets of freedom can be so expensive.

@drgo @verretor @NunyaBidness St. Kitts is 150k but that is for a family of 4, or you can buy 200k+ property and they give you citizenship. Sure its a lot of money but worth it if your country is turning sour.

@Full_node @drgo @verretor @NunyaBidness nomad capitalist has a lot free content about this. His book is decent. A second residence permit is a great alternative. Even a US passport you can hang out in Mexico for 6 months before you need to leave.

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