Spend 3 BTC anywhere inside of El Salvador and gain permanent citizenship.
This is how you grow your country and strip power from those who treat their citizens badly.

@Full_node interesting…I can’t find the info in the bill itself nor on his time line. Jamesviggy clearly believes it to be true though.

@drgo @Full_node oh, my bad. You literally meant from his mouth. I put on headphones to listen in.


@drgo Sorry, should have mentioned to listen into the group chat.
This is such a monumental moment in history. Giving citizenship for Bitcoin is the best decision a country will ever make. Low to no cost to for them with huge upside. It also strips power from oppressive regimes as there is now a destination for those fleeing. Take your 12 words and be welcomed open arms.

@Full_node seriously. Retiring to El Salvador will save me enough in taxes to pay for grand kids college.

@drgo Definitely a viable option. Something else to consider, now it’s legal tender this may force capital gains taxes to dissolve.

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