Met my fiat Bitcoin ATM after years of not looking for one. The 15% markup was expected thinking maybe it was non KYC. I thought wrong. They wanted mobile phone number. Needless to say I didn’t get any sats from it.


I see people talk about KYC-free ATMs but I haven't seen one personally.

I love that #Bitcoin can be purchased without a bank account or online service but the markup is insane. I just can't justify the purchase. Something like @Bisq is cheaper and much more reasonable cost wise.

Hopefully competition will bring lower prices as this seems to be a growing market.

@lizard @Bisq The markup was hard to look beyond. Would have smash bought just because it was there.
The mobile number was such a deal breaker. Tried a few temporary numbers but it didn’t take them. Ultimately I worry about those who don’t know the possible ramifications of using a personal number.

I’ve been wanting to buy a few ATMs and spread them around my area. I’m just not sure if I’d need a money transmitters license /s

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