What’s the next “black swan” event that sends Bitcoin hurtling to its 5,921th death with a massive price drop of say 30%?

My guess is
“China Ban Bitcoin!”


Not sure what it will be, I think China ban is played out at this point. I believe Elon is irrelevant at this point as well. The environmental FUD is in full swing again but no one cares.

Perhaps U.S. making self custody illegal as in banning so called "self hosted wallets."

@lizard Yeah the China FUD was overdone in 2017/2018.
Self custody, I can see them attempting a "property tax" of sorts. Saylor has been drilling this digital property asset BS for the past few interviews I've heard. This can't be by accident and I'm almost ready to turn on him for it.
Ultimately see a lot of boating accidents in the near term.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 Fuck, it’s got animal and blockchain reservoirs?? Oh we’re screwed 😆

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