Looks like the proof of work ban has reentered a draft in the EU. Masochists must really miss the Red Flag Act. China has already made this huge geopolitical mistake. This will cause a massive brain drain and when the world begins (continues) to pivot to a Bitcoin standard they will be left behind with no real capital. 3rd world countries will continue to rise to power and the largest of nations will dissolve. This transition isn’t going to be puppies and rainbows.

@Full_node Socialists not liking proof of work? What a shocker !

@vbhide It’s their only move really. Embracing it seems like they would loose control and they don’t want that. They haven’t done enough research to conclude that they will lose power no matter what move they make.

@Full_node i dont take them seriously anymore and i dont care for them either. Let them go fuck themselves.

As for the european population, yes they're not necessarily quick on the uptake but they're probably the tar and feather champions of world history. So should be fine at the end.

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