Everything there is, and everything there ever will be divided by 21 million.

@Full_node how much will a hamburger cost in sats?
4,000, 400, 40, or 4

@ryanjordan Trick question, the answer is all the above. As Bitcoin becomes the WRC the burger will trend towards millisats.

@ryanjordan I could try. Most people learn when they are ready. It’s all about the touch points with Bitcoin. First time one hears about it they dismiss it. Next time they look into it and see it’s wild price. Next they see it crash and come back and decide to look into it. It’s become easier to teach people as inflation is now in everyone’s face, especially at the grocery store where your wife may spend a bit of time.

@Full_node yes absolutely!

She’s not interested in learning. That’s my job apparently, 10k hours worth of books, podcasts and articles. Now we wait and let the seed become an oak tree.

@ryanjordan Most women are risk averse. It’s why they live longer. They find a man for safety and security. Media has told them that Bitcoin is volatile (unsafe to them). You’ve got the proof of work to know it’s quite the opposite of unsafe. Just be the rock (security) and when price comes up in conversation just inform her of the good that’s been happening. It’s funny that we call them seed words, guard them and enjoy that oak tree (forest) it will become.

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