Control the money, control the world. Just wait until you see what they will do with CBDCs. Bitcoin puts a stop to this.

How very nice of the Canadian government to give us a gentle reminder to “GET YOUR BITCOIN OFF THE DAMN EXCHANGES!!”

The next step is for them to disallow removal from exchanges. Tick tock, next block. Is your exit transaction included?

I’d hope more follow in this mans footsteps though it may open the door for more dirt bags to fill those vacant positions.

If you aren’t up to speed AOPP is KYC directly from a wallet. I will drop any wallet that implements AOPP. Here’s a photo of those who have it active.
Bluewallet and Sparrow announced they are dropping it in the next update. Why TF was it ever activated?

Been saying for a long time that the PCR has been throwing false positives. Remember some cases being asymptomatic? How about showing positive for the flu which all but vanished in 2021.

Was it the threat of Nuremberg 2 that got their attention?

173,112 BTC was taken off exchanges in the past 7 days. Leaving only 1.38m left on exchanges. Things about to get interesting.

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