Been saying for a long time that the PCR has been throwing false positives. Remember some cases being asymptomatic? How about showing positive for the flu which all but vanished in 2021.

Was it the threat of Nuremberg 2 that got their attention?

173,112 BTC was taken off exchanges in the past 7 days. Leaving only 1.38m left on exchanges. Things about to get interesting.

Bullish engulfing on the monthly. Hope you stacked while things were reasonably priced.

Mynode is now updated. Quickest update so far as it only included a bug fix.

Apologies to who ever I sniped this from, I don’t recall your username.

Next one on the list is silver. Those gold bug holdouts should be getting the cold sweats about now.

32,811 Bitcoin was removed from exchanges in the past 7 days. Nothing to see here.

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