Apologies to who ever I sniped this from, I don’t recall your username.

Next one on the list is silver. Those gold bug holdouts should be getting the cold sweats about now.

32,811 Bitcoin was removed from exchanges in the past 7 days. Nothing to see here.

The fed has decided to no longer track M2 money supply.
Surely this is nothing.

Looks like Beurax pulled their exit scam. 7% daily looked ever so sweet and should have been a red flag to anyone. From preliminary posts they got off with 1 billion USD.

Not your keys not your coins.

Prototype Coldcard Case v0.1 just needed a few tweaks to sizing for the top and it should be good to go. Printing v0.2 now.
Should protect the Coldcard from small impacts, scratches, and pocket lint.

If you know the story behind DropBit you’ll get a chuckle out of the irony in this alert.

As inflation begins to surge you have one of two things to procure. A hardware wallet or a wheel barrel, the choice is yours.

That 40 coin sell wall...

Died before I could screenshot, edit and post this. RIP 40 BTC sellers.

In an ironic or iconic turn of events, Bitcoin has flipped Tesla.

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