Goodbye rent seekers
Goodbye insufficient fund fees
Goodbye planned obsolescence

If your business model is parasitic by nature or your incentive structure is maligned is going to crush you.

Orange coin is only scary if your a parasite, rent seeker, money printer, or on the dick of the fore mentioned.

21m Bitcoin divided by 7 continents = 3m each

Subtract the average of lost coins 4 to 6m = 2.28m Bitcoin per continent.

The smallest continent (Australia) has 42m people on it.

I don’t know where I’m going with the rest of this toot but the destination is this:
1. There is not enough to go around
2. Australia is an authoritarian piece of shit

Paraguay looks to follow El Salvador’s lead, will present a bill next month!

Slowly, then all at once.

Con 62 votos se aprueba la , que convierte a nuestro país en el primero del mundo en tener al  como moneda de curso legal.

*With 62 votes, the is approved, which makes our country the first in the world to have as legal tender.*

“One giant leap for mankind” - Jack Mallers

Prototype Coldcard Case v0.1 just needed a few tweaks to sizing for the top and it should be good to go. Printing v0.2 now.
Should protect the Coldcard from small impacts, scratches, and pocket lint.

Umbrel update went well. They addressed the SSH password issue as well. App Store is now stacked with some goodies. Will have fun messing with these on the coming days. What should I look at first?

I liked the part where Uber announced they are keeping their cash safe by not investing in Bitcoin. Their stock prices began to plummet.

There’s more to this than anyone has pointed out. Here’s two key points as I see them.
1. Any company that was going to publicly announce that they are staying in cash is now going to stay silent.
2. Every company considering staying in cash is now second guessing themselves.

This is good for

If you've ever wanted to front run 99% of every m̶a̶j̶o̶r̶ company, millionaire, and billionaire now is your time.

Who’s got a lightning node. I’m looking to open some channels. Open a channel with mine and I’ll open with yours.


Robinhood shutting off thousands of investors will ultimately turn them to look for investable assets that cannot be shut off.

Hedge funds are short on . Would be a shame if they got squeezed by an asset that can’t be shut off.

Has anyone tried Sphinx Chat yet?
Lightning mixed with chat over Tor.


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