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The government wants you to think they're an omnipotent god with infinite resources but they can't even deliver passports properly.

@DarthCoin No vaccine is safe at this point. They said a few months back that they were going to start using MRNA for most of the vaccines previously available.

@excellion Also CYA and withdraw all Bitcoin regardless of exchange.

@zonz Seeing this in almost every industry. Linesman have been harvesting parts out of transformers that were taken out of service in the 40s. Meter sockets are back ordered for a year. One big storm and the grid is fucked.

@CountBitcoin Takes a bit of determination and it’s helpful when others loose sight of the long term goals. Congratulations!

@DavidB His “Stay humble and stack sats” does raise an eyebrow.

I can not stress this enough. If your going to take a loan out of your Bitcoin find a loan that is not marked to market. Furthermore find a loan that allows you to keep custody of your coin.

@smartbrain @verretor

Though this time might be real. Last time he was trying to dip out of the public eye like the sally bitch he is.

2 years they spent showing us rioters going house to house terrorizing people. Burning down and looting businesses. Every arrest made turned into a release from custody within hours. Chants of “defund the police”. 911 calls met with “we aren’t coming to help you, defend yourself”. Police shutting down businesses and terrorizing beach goers.
Now they want to ban guns?

@CountBitcoin The money is dying, they are looking for a wealth battery. Eventually they will see upkeep and taxes applied to real estate as a burden. Bitcoin is that battery.

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@ck_SNARKs Said this exact phrase to a coworker asking about a new shitcoin. No use trying to find the next Bitcoin, it’s been here since Jan 8th 2009.

@EmptyBanks With food and fuel shortages looming it’s only a matter of time before riots break out. This is whey they are making such a strong push to take the guns. Riots caused by hunger will end up on their door step.

@htimsxela G Maps is a hard one to beat. Not sure there’s any that are even close that don’t ask for location info ether.

@htimsxela Well never know. Read many theories early on, all seem plausible in one way or another. Somehow the Hal theory just stood out a tiny bit more.

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