@Effortless Ether they know they lost and aren’t trying or they know they will rig it all and win so why waste the money.

Is no one has figured it out yet Musk is buying bird site to train his AI.

@Letter6173 totally normal, nothing bad will happen. You can trust them. They are here to help.

With the sanctions on open source software Tornado Cash it’s apparent they are trying to establish a precedent. They are coming for Bitcoin. GitHub had pulled the repo for Tornado Cash but later reinstated it. Now is a good time to mirror the Bitcoin repo and the myriad of wallets and node software. You can do this with a program called Gitea. My guess is they will look to ban mining, white wash GitHub and arrest developers all under the guise of climate change and financial instability of fiat.

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For only $200.11 you can buy 1m Sats.
Unfairly cheap.

@MoonCapital Feels like it. Someone pushing price with some serious funding available.

Someone really wants to suppress the price under 18,300.
184 Bitcoin sell wall

@ck_SNARKs “Take the blue pill. You wake up in bed and believe whatever you want to believe”

Imagine being that wrong about Bitcoin. Imagine having no clue how decentralization works.

@jimmysong Part of me wonders if he’s so deep into the long con that he has forgotten to exit scam.

Not financial advise and all that but Bitcoin is stupid cheap right now.

@Bubba We call it cow piss. Doesn’t look all that hard to make if it came to it.

@NormieNorm Currently running Umbrel and MyNode. Umbrel has come a long way in the past couple years. MyNode less flashy but gets the job done. I’ve run multiple versions of Core but this was pre LND so I can’t speak for current versions. I’m liking Umbrel most of far.

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