If you aren’t up to speed AOPP is KYC directly from a wallet. I will drop any wallet that implements AOPP. Here’s a photo of those who have it active.
Bluewallet and Sparrow announced they are dropping it in the next update. Why TF was it ever activated?

@EmptyBanks There is a lot to be desired with Bisq. Just happy it is an option. Have yet to check out HodlHodl

@EmptyBanks Would certainly do wonders for decentralized exchange order books.

@nvk Can see the terror in his eyes while addressing the nation like a complete tyrant. Makes complete sense that he would hide out until things blow over. twitter.com/disclosetv/status/

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@armantheparman Bitcoin and Sats here. Anything more is adding confusion.
I’m all for Bits sucking on balls, Bits is female yes?

@Aurelius_17_6_313 Didn’t know Ray wrote a book. Thanks I’ll pick up a copy.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 Very true. Once we’ve seen this there isn’t any going back. Most of us aren’t coming out of the rabbit hole ever.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 let’s just hope the dinosaurs don’t get violent when backed into the corner (loosing their power of printing). I don’t see war mongers giving in so easily.

@Aurelius_17_6_313 Precisely. And it happened while most of them were trying to figure out what Bitcoin is. They had no plan how to react to this. By the time they figure out a good game plan 30 other nation states will have adopted. They are years behind and terrified as fuck.

@Rand0mguest2 The only palpable question is are you on your way to remove them from school permanently or is your significant other on the way?

@mir_btc @bitcoinmagazine Same energy as Western Union crying about 400mil remittance losses. Everyone has had enough of the bullying, extortion and theft.

@josh Well this is devious KYC bait and switch. Guess stolen CCs will have yet another use.

@Hodlsouth be interesting how they handle this. I half expect them to rescind their interest rate hike idea. I don’t see them printing more as inflation numbers scared them.

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