@NBS @mrman This man has worked hard to cripple the US. Forcing the clot shot on the military. Depleting the SPR. Letting the borders remain open. All the things can’t be by accident can they?

No one is ready for NGU. Yes I’m looking at you.

Trying this Nostr thing.


@lizard I’m just happy he’s rereleased what info he has. Free speech on that platform was only going to be temporary. His fragility makes it easy to attack.

@mukona @PinochetsCommieCopter India pulled a similar stunt cancelling their 1000 and 500 bills. All this is certainly good advertisement for Bitcoin. The more tyrannical the moves the better the advertisement.

When the inevitable occurs will shitcoin casinos drop all shitcoins at once or will they do it one by one?

@farooq The “nerds” and the “geeks” formally portrayed as the weaker beings are now providing the strongest security.

How many more times do we need to tell you, get your Bitcoin off exchanges.
If you control your keys the exchanges can’t exit scam you. It also makes it harder for them to rehypothicate (take risks with your Bitcoin). History always repeats for those who do not follow these warnings.

@excellion@bitcoinhackers.org Early stages of “then they fight you”

@stephanlivera 4000 sats, you have to dox yourself, and that’s only good for a month. What’s worse is you want to give those precious sats to a shitcoiner. Would you be ok giving all this to any of the other 20k shitcoins? I’m not saying don’t do it, but take a look at the long term ramifications first.

@MoonCapital My favorite is the last block rewards. It will take 40 years to mine that last Bitcoin. 40 years. One Bitcoin. Eventually that sets in, not yet, not yet, few more minutes, yep incredible isn’t it?

“I have to show them all these important papers you told me to keep safe? Then they take my money and hold it but they charge me monthly? They charge me again if I go below the amount they keep? I’m only allowed to take less than $500 per day if I’m outside of 7-4 M-F. All this for a measly .01% and the ability to write a check for the 2 times a year needed.” -soon to be everyone at the thoughts of a new bank account

Upgraded network, again. Had quite a few issues with ports dying. Equipment with a name that uses the acronym for toilet paper one should expect this outcome. Now to find out why my WiFi speeds are 3x my wired speeds.

@MoonCapital @elonmusk Leave it to a fiat billionaire to completely miss the mark out sound money.

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