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Mynode is now updated. Quickest update so far as it only included a bug fix.

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We can either invest in junk bonds retuning 2.25%!?


Or change the world with #Bitcoin πŸ€”

It blows my mind that around .25 BTC will put you into the new 1%.

For less than the cost of a brand new shitty car you can be one of the richest people in the world.


Umbrel dropped an update (v0.3.14) that is supposed to fix the drop offs that plague v0.3.13.
So far the update has gone smoothly. Node is up and running within 5 min from starting the update.

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We fixed the distribution of information with the invention of the internet. Using the internet we fixed the distribution of music with torrents. Using those two mediums we fixed money by making it decentralized and provably scarce.

Using those 3 mediums how do we fix the pharmaceutical industry and with that dissolve its strangle hold on governments and the populace at large?

Bitcoin at $1 - "You were lucky to buy in early"

Bitcoin at $30 - "You were lucky to buy in early"

Bitcoin at $200 - "You were lucky to
buy in early"

Bitcoin at $1,200 - "You were lucky to buy in early"

Bitcoin at $20,000 - "You were lucky to buy in early"

Bitcoin at $32,000 - ?

Bitcoin at $100,000 - ?

Are we seeing a trend?

Hashrate is down -31.65%. Looks like some previously inefficient miners have turned back on. Good to see the network doesn't care.

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I've been a long time LND user and finally got around to setting up c-lightning to try it out. I set it up by hand, I don't us a node in a box. I would say difficulty is similar to get up and running between the 2 implementations. C-lightning doesn't have a light mode like LND's Neutrino, a connection to a full node is required.

I tried out the Spark Wallet that sits on top of c-lightning. It is a very clean and attractive tool.

Any experienced c-lightning users with any general thoughts?

Over 15,000 Bitcoin was clawed off exchanges today.

There is only so long you can hold a beach ball underwater. I don’t need to tell you what happens once you let go of it.

Updating my mynode.
Is that even the best way to say that?

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Jack is not going at it all alone, he got millions of us helping/supporting him

#Bitcoin is the answer the whole🌏🌍🌎 has been waiting for
RT @DocumentingBTC
The greatest response in television history, by @JackMallers

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-25% difficulty adjustment incoming and 4 sat/vB gets you in the next block. Has anyone figured out who was spamming those super high fees a few months ago?

Its only fitting that after battling software issues with one of my nodes yesterday that today the internet fails.
I think all is well now.

Node is up and running!

Seems a hardware fault caused a file corruption on the SSD. Update loop was cancelled then applied a manual update. Node is good as new on latest firmware.

My node went down. Bitcoin didn't go down.

bad builds

latest working build
v0.3.10 (yes this version supports Taproot)

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Latest 3 builds of Umbrel keep freezing up my node. Freezes within 3 hours of install. No GUI or SSH.
Upon reboot GUI still fails but SSH is reachable but no access to scripts. Have to reflash the SD card then reboot again. Still no GUI but SSH allows rebuilding of containers and firmware update. Once firmware (older version) is flashed and scripts restarted node operates as normal.
Updating is now a dice roll.

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