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Good news for Umbrel users!
It was tested a new procedure to restore your funds from a SHTF dead node. Quick and easy.
Here is a guide, using Blixt wallet.

Next thing I’d like to see in those space is for Strike to decentralize in the form of an app. Have that app accessible in all node implementations. Having the ability to buy and sell directly from your node at 0 cost would really streamline the whole process. Of course -KYC.

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The problem with all of Bitcoins enemies is that they don’t know enough about the tech to really create a credible argument. It gets worse, the moment they dig in and begin researching in order to form that argument they begin to realize how wrong their stance is. Eventually they become a supporter. *Unless of course your Peter Shiff who’s entire relevancy depends on his complete misunderstanding of Bitcoin.

Just smash bought some Bitcoin and it only cost me $.02 in fees. What a time to be alive!

440 BTC for sale between here and 50K on Kraken. Only a matter of time.

Why is it that every single conversation always has Bitcoin bubbling just below the surface ready to insert itself at a moments notice?
It’s like you could be talking about something as simple as dinner and then bam, Bitcoin fixes this!

El Salvador is going to have to buy a lot of Bitcoin in order to pay each citizen $30 worth.
Clownbase is going to buy 500m, though this maybe mostly shitcoins. You know Saylor is past due for another 15m DCA buy, and we’re still waiting for his 1b purchase for convertible notes. Trouble is we’re running low on supply.

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Remove the financial enticements from hospitals to profit from COVID-19.
Then let’s see.

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Everything is good for Bitcoin.
RT @DylanLeClair_
Honestly, let the SEC take their time with the ETF approval.

Let the entrepreneurs and engineers build #Bitcoin native financial services while $100 trillion in bonds sits idle.

I’ll keep stacking straight to my cold storage in the meantime.

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Emergency use authorization for covid vaccines

Mallone pointed out that 3a says it must have at least 50 percent efficacy and that Pfizer is now at 39 with delta...

US inflation rate stands at 5.4% according to official sources.

US gov raises food stamps 25%.
Federal employees to receive a 14% increase.

Watch what the do, not what they say.

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RT @_benkaufman
Vaccine passports, if allowed to exist now, will evolve into the worst type of totalitarian social credit score systems within the next few years. This is inevitable unless we stop it now, before it manages to take roots, we may not have another chance.

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Bitcoin is risky. Early on it was risky to buy in as the tech was new and anything could happen. The risk it could go to zero was always a threat from exchange hacks, bugs in the code base, or lost keys. As time passed these risks have been mitigated with better tech and solid advice. However this doesn’t remove all risk. Now there is a new risk and one that will forever be persistent, the risk of not having enough,

The billionaire/millionaire conundrum. They all have acquired massive wealth in a fiat system. They enjoy being wealthy. With Bitcoin gaining in popularity they have a very hard choice. How much do they buy and how soon? If they wait too long their massive wealth won’t buy much and it’s an elevator to the bottom. If they buy soon the can acquire a massive amount but become fiat poor. Some are smart enough to go all in now.
Most will wait and develops massive FOMO.
You can still front run them.

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