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If you own any Bitcoin you have more than most Fortune 500 companies will ever own. This is true now and will remain true unless your stupid enough to sell them.

The more I think about what I would like to do for the remaining portion of my life the more I realize I ether need to be self employed or work for a Bitcoin company.

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> company convicted of the largest bribery scandal now wants their most successful product of all time by fiat tested on your children

:blobcatcoffee: ah yes we're still in the nightmare timeline how are you today
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Most people know this and they will still comply.

Focus on the ones that won’t.
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Whoa.. this lady is amazing 🔥❤️🔥

For the past few years when posting a story many have included the source. I see a trend openly developing and am calling it out to hasten its development. I see many Bitcoiners leaving out the sources and creating their own headlines.
While I like seeing the source posted with the post, leaving it out it naturally forces the reader to DYOR (or they continue to be sheep and just believe it anyways).

This is in line with one of our many ethos that is “Don’t trust, verify”

Finally some balance and order.

El Salvador - fully embraces Bitcoin
Turkey - openly announces war against it

The next 4-12 months will show how each handles and who ultimately comes out as the winner.
I can spoil this now if you’d like to know who will be spend countless amounts of money and still loose, and who will become victorious with only fractions spent.

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The fact that billions of working men and women must sacrifice 40+ years of their time, energy, health, and focus to gain access to fiat currencies that central banks can replicate with a key stroke is injustice on the largest scale humanity has ever seen.

It is theft. #Bitcoin

21m Bitcoin divided by 7 continents = 3m each

Subtract the average of lost coins 4 to 6m = 2.28m Bitcoin per continent.

The smallest continent (Australia) has 42m people on it.

I don’t know where I’m going with the rest of this toot but the destination is this:
1. There is not enough to go around
2. Australia is an authoritarian piece of shit

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"To teach children about the banking system, a U.S. primary school walked its students to a local bank where each opened a savings account into which each deposited $5. Implicit in this activity is the message that the bank is trustworthy. Another bank then acquired that bank and charged all low balance accountholders a monthly maintenance fee that wiped out the children’s savings. The children may have learned a more important lesson about the financial sector than the school intended."


"Get a head start on your iphone upgrade"

No Apple. That not going to happen. You fucked up.

How to kill Bitcoin?
Simple, have a solid monetary policy that can’t be debased or manipulated. Planned issuance and complete accountability for all dollars in existence.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

I can not even being to express how large the life extending technologies sector will become in the next 10-20 years.

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They have to continue doing booster shots until they can get a proper database going because they were such failures with regards to the vax cards, not standardizing them past the PDF files they put out. It doesn't matter if you got the first few doses, because you could just have a fake card. The only ones that matter to them are the ones they can track once they're able to keep a list. The boosters will continue until AT LEAST then.
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A quick thread on DESPERATION. A quick thread on understanding our ENEMY. Biden cannot hide his desperation - do not do what he wants you to do. Do not comply, but do not fight - just laugh at him. Utter impotence is what he fears the most...

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Businesses in NYC are standing together against vaccine mandates.

Please, PLEASE RT to get this out. His discord link will be in the comments.

Together we stand, divided we fall ✊🏻

In case your wondering no one on earth is prepared for what’s coming in the next few months.

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Many fools will sell at $0.1M $BTC.

Few will HODL to $0.5M.

The world desperately needs an asset with no counter-party risk and no dilution risk.

#Bitcoin is a natural game theoretic Schelling point. Adoption is not linear. It is exponential.

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From $0.1M - $0.5M #Bitcoin, humans will no longer be buying to "get rich".

They will be panic selling dollars and fiat denominated bonds.
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Many fools will sell at $0.1M $BTC.

Few will HODL to $0.5M.

The world desperately needs an asset with no counter-party risk and no dilution risk.

#Bitcoin is a natural game theoretic Schelling point. Adoption is not linear. It is exponential.

Did a little mental math that blew my mind just as much as those I was trying to make a point to.

2017 a house costing $300,000 would have set you back 75 Bitcoin.

That same make believe house in 2021 costs $345,000 and would set you back 6.77 Bitcoin.

Moral of the story, start pricing things in Bitcoin and all your inflation woes disappear.

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