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Who's got the number for the Bitcoin CEO? I'd like to ask them to raise the price a few thousand dollars so I can see the sell orders placed a 69,420. Just eager to see how many are willing to get wrecked just for a meme.

Almost as if there’s not enough to go around.

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It is professionally inexcusable to administer a medication to a person against their will or to someone coerced to accept it.

If you are coerced into accepting an injection, tell the administering person you are under coercion to accept this jab and take their name. And report them to the state board for their profession.

Holy arbitrage…
3k lower prices than global average on Bitfinex.
Go go go!

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Bitcoin security is going parabolic. How do I know? Easy. There are not enough coins to go around. Companies and government will draw contracts with large miners fir ALL new coins. Everyone will become a miner cause it will be the only real way to get coins. Sure you can work for it but where’s the fun in that?

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Know Your Value Stack when choosing a new place to live.

1. Freedom
2. Outdoor activities
3. Tax
4. Farming practices
5. Safety
6. Cost
7. Good golf
8. Population

I eagerly await the salt that will be spewed from every journalist who’s bad mouthed Bitcoin. It’s coming and it will be glorious.

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We ain’t seen nothing yet. The green candles will become so big they won’t fit in your screen.

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Just got an email from our kid's high school reminding us about the vaccine clinics being held at the school. The superintendent included the name and email address of a doctor at the end of the message in case we have questions. Weeeeell, that right there was a rookie mistake.

Just helped a long time friend move his coins off an exchange for the first time. Wish he’d done it sooner but now is as good a time as any. Best of all he has stacked twice as much as I had previously thought he did. He will need some hand holding for a little while but he understands the why of Bitcoin. Feels good.

Well that was a fun lesson in decentralization. Think anyone learned anything from it?

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