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House introduces a 1.5 trillion dollar spending bill because at this point why the fuck not.

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The sheep have learned a new phrase, “ air superiority”. They say it with a puffed up chest and a chin turned up as if they feel smart. While it may be an anecdotal observation these same people are precoiners or shitcoiners. Neither of them understand Bitcoin. Neither of them see that their alternate sources of news are still just propaganda with a different flavor. Had they took the time to understand sound money principals they would see through the lies and hard pass on the buzz words.

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So US is going to tap into oil reserves to quell pricing for a few days.

How about admitting your executive order to close the pipeline that had you energy independent was a terrible idea?

Oh, forgot, controlled demolition and all.

They took two years from you.
They took your freedoms.
They kept you from grandma as she died alone.
They lied to you.
They took your job.
They said you were inessential.
They forced a experimental med procedure into you.

And you just took it all because they were the “experts”.

They will do this again because you let them.

Or will you?

When did Boltz get into Looping Lightning funds? Seems like it works a little better than LIghtning Labs version though it could be my routing to them.

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RT @WClementeIII
76.5% of Bitcoin's supply hasn't moved in at least 6 months, a new record.

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R/T @Croesus_BTC

It was a tough pill to swallow for me. But ultimately had to except that I learned more from that book then in my $200k MBA program. (The Bitcoin Standard)

If the layman were to read both of these books, they would no longer be laymen, but experts.

Anyone know of a way that a merchant can receive Bitcoin when the customer swipes a credit card?
Basically a Bitcoin only store that isn’t reliant on their customers using Bitcoin.

Did Trudeau realize how impotent he is against Bitcoin and decide that he better stop funneling the world to it? A little too late as the cards have been shown. Many have learned why we need Bitcoin. People who would have otherwise not seen the use case.

How very nice of the Canadian government to give us a gentle reminder to “GET YOUR BITCOIN OFF THE DAMN EXCHANGES!!”

The next step is for them to disallow removal from exchanges. Tick tock, next block. Is your exit transaction included?

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I’d hope more follow in this mans footsteps though it may open the door for more dirt bags to fill those vacant positions.

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here's how it started: trampling on rights to save grandma.

how it's going: trampling on grandma.

Looks like multiple reports being those arrested protesters are driven down the road and dropped off at a random location. Some of their actions are worrying but it appears the police stand with the protesters, without wanting to lose their jobs of course.

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