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83,921 zombie nodes on the lightning network.
Those are some roomie numbers.

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Ever worry that they will shut down the Bitcoin GitHub page?
Mirror it easily using Gitea.
You’ll always have access to the latest repo and if shit hits the fan it’s another source that can be redistributed.

Control the money, control the world. Just wait until you see what they will do with CBDCs. Bitcoin puts a stop to this.

Does anyone remember that nice old Fraudchi fellow?
Seems to have gone missing. Maybe he’s counting all his money.

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With 🤡🌎 being as bad as it has been is April fools day going to be a day of truth?

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RT @nic__carter
as a Bitcoin Node Operator and member of the Bitcoin High Priesthood that Controls the Protocol, I have duly considered Ripple's and Greenpeace's request to eliminate PoW from Bitcoin, and I hereby... deny it.

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The Climate FUD is a Ruse

#Bitcoin is resistant to any and all control

Don't be distracted - they're scared shitless - keep focused - keep building

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Dear forkers,
I will exercise my God-given right to remember 12 words. I will exercise my inalienable right to run the numbers. Code is speech. I will run my code freely, and I invite you to do the same.

If you don't like my code you can #ForkOff.

a bitcoiner.

As truth about the vax continues to roll out Fraudchi sneaks into the shadows.

Bitcoiners were right, yet again. What is it that we have learned that allows us to cut right through the bull shit?

US is about to find out what happens when you print the world reserve currency indiscriminately.

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Nothing is more indicative of a dying empire than a broadcasted event of wealthy narcissists giving one another awards and celebrating their great success a few days after the president tells us we won’t have access to food soon.

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of bitcoin is how it exposes clown journalists, economists and other rent seekers.

And they know it ❤️

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There will come a time when dirty fiat will no longer buy Bitcoin. That time is not right now. Act accordingly.

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