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Stop visiting Wikipedia. Don't even use Wikiless. Switch to Infogalactic or another encyclopedic wiki that isn't run by commie spergs.

During 2020 the banks extracted 30 billion in overdraft fees from the people that had no money.
This ends on a Bitcoin standard. You don’t have the Bitcoin in your account so your transaction gets dropped. No one profits off your lack of coin. Parasitic behavior ends. Provide value or fail. I don’t make the rules, I do however help to enforce them.

Fed telling us we’re not in a recession. I think for once they are telling us the truth.
We are in a depression.

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RT @chowcollection
"Someone said $6 per sat is unrealistic and I would call them a bear. In a hyperbitcoinization scenario, I don't think that's unrealistic. It is not humanly possible for me to tell you [how much you'll be able to buy with 0.25 #Bitcoin]. I can't be bullish enough."

- @ck_SNARKs

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We made this how to guide for The Censorship Resistant Issue and translated it to (5) languages:

* English
* Chinese
* Russian
* Spanish
* French

Click it, download it, print it, send it!

Written by @rot13maxi and designed by @freeslave06

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Instance went down. Now it’s back up. Will be looking for a new hosting solution. VPS is too costly and doesn’t offer enough storage space for the cost.

With 🤡🌎 being as bad as it has been is April fools day going to be a day of truth?

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as a Bitcoin Node Operator and member of the Bitcoin High Priesthood that Controls the Protocol, I have duly considered Ripple's and Greenpeace's request to eliminate PoW from Bitcoin, and I hereby... deny it.

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The Climate FUD is a Ruse

#Bitcoin is resistant to any and all control

Don't be distracted - they're scared shitless - keep focused - keep building

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Dear forkers,
I will exercise my God-given right to remember 12 words. I will exercise my inalienable right to run the numbers. Code is speech. I will run my code freely, and I invite you to do the same.

If you don't like my code you can #ForkOff.

a bitcoiner.

As truth about the vax continues to roll out Fraudchi sneaks into the shadows.

Bitcoiners were right, yet again. What is it that we have learned that allows us to cut right through the bull shit?

US is about to find out what happens when you print the world reserve currency indiscriminately.

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Nothing is more indicative of a dying empire than a broadcasted event of wealthy narcissists giving one another awards and celebrating their great success a few days after the president tells us we won’t have access to food soon.

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One of the most enjoyable aspects of bitcoin is how it exposes clown journalists, economists and other rent seekers.

And they know it ❤️

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